noun || yəNG ˈhefā

Alina Zamanova is an artist living in the Ukraine. 



YJ: What’s your current hustle?

AZ: I find it difficult and challenging to commit to one section/area of an art industry. I'm an artist. I'm interested in all forms of representation of art, that can be applied to drawing and to my creative process

YJ: Has what you’re doing now been a life-long interest?


AZ: Yes, since I was a child. My Mom sent me to art school when I was 10 years old and since then I was interested in the art and fashion sphere. 

In Ukraine most of my classmates had parents that pushed them into making more academic based career decisions. Luckily, my parents didn’t do that — they let me go after what I wanted. 

YJ: Where do you find inspiration, when needing it?

AZ: I recently realizefd,  that for me inspiration is sort of a creative process where I am collecting information during a  long time and then it pop out unexpectedly. I sit, read, study film, and draw if I'm looking to visualize an idea. 

YJ: What are you still looking to achieve?

AZ:  I am interested in researching more into sculpture and ceramics. The way how Picasso had a broad range of works, really inspires artists, and of course me too.

YJ: What do you think is different about your creative process? 

AZ:  I get inspired during the process of making art, my craft feels very natural to me. 

YJ: What would you say to someone who may think that their talent is not an ideal career path?

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AZ: Stop thinking too much about it! Just go work. Go draw. That’s where you’ll find your "audience."  If you don’t have a style, then learn from artists you admire — read about them and gather further inspiration/insight. 

YJ: What’s been your favorite art piece so far?

AZ: I created a stop motion animation that I'll be releasing soon. It incloses all of me - painting, sculpture, animation, collaboration, etc.It's my favorite piece. 

YJ: What would be photo project/anyone you want to work with you’d like to cross off your bucket list?

AZ: Rihanna! She’s incredible. So talent. 

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