noun || yəNG ˈhefā

Amarachi Nwosu is a Nigerian-American self-taught photographer, filmmaker and writer. 



YJ: What’s your current hustle?

AN: I consider myself a storyteller and I do this visually and narratively through film, photography and writing.


YJ: Has what you’re doing now been a life-long interest? 

AN: I definitely knew at a young age I wanted to be involved in a creative industry but also have the ability to help and directly impact people. Ive always been into photography, poetry, music and fashion but I didn't think they would all intersect the way it has in my journey. 


YJ: What’s the most memorable career advice you’ve received? 

AN: "Speak everything into existence." 

YJ: What’s been your biggest obstacle? 

AN: Learning to be patient with my journey. I took me a while to realize to just flow with life and not force things. The closer i am to my truth, the closer I am to myself.

YJ: If you could tell your younger self one thing about life, what would it be?


AN: Don't allow anybody else's journey to define yours. You are unique and made to manifest your own unique destiny. Your journey will not look like anyone else's and that's okay.

YJ: Where do you find inspiration, when needing it? 

AN: Travel and reflection. Being Able to get out of my comfort zone and reflect on myself and my journey allows me to open my mind and be inspired. New places, new faces and new energy is always transformational for me.

YJ: What has been the best moment in your career so far? 

AN: Releasing my debut documentary "Black In Tokyo" has definitely been the highlight. The reception has been amazing and allowed me to see how many people I am directly affecting. I worked so hard on the project and it was amazing to see how it was received. 

YJ: What do you find different about your creative process that others in your field might not do? 

AN: My work ethic. Talent is universal. There are so many people out there with talent and skills but it's not just about talent, it's about putting your talent to action g and investing your time in things that have longevity. Hard work always pays off.

YJ: What are you still looking to achieve?

AN: Having my own media company and being able to employ talented people around the world.

YJ: What would you say to someone who may think that their talent is not an ideal career path? 

AN: Go with what feels right for you. Don't let external definitions define what is valuable to you. 

YJ: What do you see the future holding? 

AN: More blessings, more life, more love. 

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