noun || yəNG ˈhefā

Submission by Tyler Johnson

Dylan Ali is the quintessential self-made, creative entrepreneur. She rang in the New Year on stage with KatieGotBandz, she's Internationally known and is only scratching the surface.  With a loyal gang of followers and fans, the Brooklyn DJ is a tastemaker in more than one arena. Outside of music, Dylan has become an underground fashion darling in her own right. She's sought after by photographers and often styles herself in shoots. And did we forget to mention that she studies acting at New York University? Yes, she's doing that too. Hustle has a first name — and it's Dylan. 



TA: Who do you listen to on your way to work? 

DA:  It really depends on what I'm in the mood for and the day I'm having. I can var fro Erykah Badu to Lil Flash. However, I prefer listening to mellow vibes on my spare time. 

TA: When your first direct deposit hit, what did you buy? 

DA: I was 16! Probably food or clothes, kid shit. 

TA: What is your current hustle? 

DA:  I'm a actor and a DJ.

TA: And Tyler mentioned you attended NYU. Besides class, what has been the hardest job you've had to wake up for? 

DA:  When I worked retail! I was a sale associate for a company called 'Local Charm.' The jewelry was fabulous but the work experience was so boring. 

TA: What has been the best venue to DJ in, so far?

DA:  Knockdown Center. Both shows I've had there have been a lot of fun to DJ and the staff was always welcoming.

TA: And what about a dream venue? 

DA: I'd love to headline at a arena or a music festival in the next two years. I usually DJ for a rap artist when I do large settings, I can't wait to have thousands of people come out to see me preform live. 

TA: That's such an incredible goal, who has given you the most memorable career advice? 

DA: Probably my father. He emphasized at a very young age that I could control everything I wanted to happen in my life and if I wanted it bad enough and planned the steps thoroughly it would happen. Life hasn't been the same since I heard that.

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