noun || yəNG ˈhefā

Europe Angelique is the founder of Prime Culture Creative and talent manager.

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TA: What’s your current hustle?

EA: I currently manage a DJ and run a creative media agency called Prime Culture Creative.

TA: Has what you’re doing now been a life-long interest?

EA: I always knew that I wanted to pursue a career in entertainment.  Never thought that I would fall into a management role, it sort of fell in my lap and turned into a passion after going down many different avenues of the industry.

TA: What’s the most memorable career advice you’ve received?

EA: Make yourself VALUABLE in whatever you do. 

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TA: What’s been your biggest obstacle?

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EA: Learning the ins and outs to being my own boss, building a team and running a company.  

It's so easy to clock into work, do whatever your daily tasks are for the day, and then go home and do it again the next day.  It is a whole different ball game when have to manage each and every aspect of your day from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep.  This includes scheduling time for work + time for self and it's tough.  I'm still juggling the dynamics of executing the proper way to do this. 

TA: If you could tell your younger self one thing about life, what would it be?

EA: I don't think that I'd really change anything.  I have always had an open mind and I've never feared change and that's seem to work well so far.  

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TA: Where do you find inspiration, when needing it?

EA: My parents, they are the most creative people that I know with the illest ideas. 

TA: What do you that you find different about your creative process that others in your field might not do?

EA: I feel like I am very old school.  A lot of my peers have an app for everything and can operate off of a computer all day.  I need to physically write on a pen and paper and really take out time to map out my thoughts.

TA: What are you still looking to achieve?

EA: So much but I'd rather accomplish those goals and let the work speak for itself so stay tuned.

TA: What would you say to someone who may think that their talent is not an ideal career path?

EA: We're in the digital age where you can literally make money off of anything with the proper branding.  I say sit down, brainstorm and plan the steps to turn it into a career.  May obviously take time to transition with real life (bills) and adulthood but you never know unless you try.  

TA: What do you see the future holding?

EA: Lots of traveling, creating multiple streams of income and taking care of my family. 

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