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noun || yəNG ˈhefā

Jimmy is the founder of Modus Vivendii.

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YJ: How did Modus Vivendii come about?

J: My friends and I just really wanted a way to express ourselves and our opinions. It originally started as a blog where we would literally just take pictures of ourselves and talk smack about our day and what we’d been up to. From there, we really used the blog to tap into the London fashion scene while we were studying in University. The blog continued to progress slightly over time and we got the chance to showcase some work for Roberto Cavalli, Franca Sozzani. They told us how people are really buying into the whole “blogging thing” and how we should think about starting to design clothes, since people will want to dress like us. Vivendii means “My way of living”, so its always been about that. Being able to convey how we live and feel through apparel and design.

YJ: What's been your biggest Obstacle to date? 

J: I’d say some of the biggest obstacles is actually getting people to pay attention. That, as well as getting supplies for products. It takes time for people to believe in a lifestyle. Balance as well is a huge obstacle. Being able to balance life and any other responsibility that you may or not have can be difficult. I think in the creative scene, if you literally just keep on doing you, eventually it will lock on and someone will believe in your shit. It’s really about putting in those 10,000 hours and putting all your time into mastering a craft. From there the floodgates will open. Keep your head in the game and don’t take your foot off the gas. Doing this kind of work is 24/7 hours. You never know what kind of problems or obstacles will pop up, so just keep your head up and know that it’s apart of the process.

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YJ: Where do you find inspiration for your creative process?

J: I just study the game. I try and look beyond the well known designers and brands that are out. Observing different cultures is very important as well .Travel specifically. Travel and seeing new lands can broaden your horizon. Anytime I’m back home I’m super inspired. Niggas will be out here in Lagos’ streets living in poverty but wearing VLone. It’s insane to see how far a culture and style can travel.  

YJ: What are you still looking to achieve?

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J: Such a hard question. I could tell you this year, 5 years, 10 years. I really see Vivendii turning into a multifaceted platform dealing with any kind of experiences. Whether apparel or architecture, anything that has a slice of design in it. We really just want to be able to create the content we see missing

YJ: What's music do you listen to to tap into a different energy? 

J: Right now i'm listening to a lot of the young cats coming out of Lagos, Nigeria. Shoutout my boys Odunsi , Ozzie B, No Politics Mob, New World Ray. All those guys and my nigga in London called A2. Big artist! He’s gonna go very far. His stuff jacks me up. 

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YJ: Non-conventional? 

J: I really believe success is a combination of  40% talent and 60% hard work. If you can nail the hard work and really develop your craft, the sky is the limit. You just have to be ready to work. Anyone can do it.It’s important to stay realistic with yourself. Don’t just front because you see “x person” doing this, so now you want to do it. You have to really live your truth. I think people stray away from that now, being able to have profiles and “personality” on the internet. In anything you do though, if you stay true to yourself things will eventually start clicking. It may not be today, tomorrow or next year, but eventually it will all be well.

YJ: Career Moment? 

J: We had a pop-up in London with a que around the block. It was mad

YJ: Where do you see the African Fashion Scene growing and evolving into?

Lagos fashion is doing amazing right now. In the past few years we have been getting a lot more exposure from the western markets. It reassures and lets us know that our works are not going unnoticed but are being respected and appreciated. Nigerians are special people and we have so much to show to world. On all fronts, whether being music, sports or fashion, Nigerians are out here succeeding. I think in fashion in particular, Lagos is kind of like the Miami of Africa. In the years coming, I see more people coming here to see what we have going on.

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