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Khalid Briggs is a marketing mad man. He continues to consult for Complex media, helps various personal brands perfect their vision and dabbles in graphic design for fun. His résumé and his credentials are both top notch.


TA: What's your current hustle? 

KB: Aside from my 9-5, I run my own marketing company that specializes in creative direction, marketing strategy, brand/image consultation, graphic/web design and other creative services.

TA: What is the difference between your 9-5 and your 5-grind? 

KB: My 5-grind is for personal clients who are looking to build or alter their brand.

TA: What has the response been (from your peers) to either your 9-5 or 5-grind? 

KB: My peers are super supportive. I started my business my Junior year in college and my first clients were all other entrepreneurial-minded students. They believed in my vision and loved my work. Honestly, most my business comes from referrals of my friends — they are my cheerleaders and salespeople without knowing it.

TA: Who gave you the most memorable career advice? How has that aided your in you day-to-day? 

KB: I hated my first job — absolutely hated it. The people were great (some of them) and our clients were awesome but the job was too "routine" for me. As a creative person, I hate feeling like I'm just hitting copy and paste. So after MONTHS of complaining to my family and close friends and, not getting any interviews for the positions I was applying, I decided to try something new. If you know me, I'm a very tactful person who likes to have his steps planned before I even put on my shoes. I took a huge leap of faith and handed in my two weeks notice with no job that wasn't aiding my purpose. That day, is the day I got my first interview for Complex. I interviewed for the three weeks which gave me 1 week of vacation between jobs. I leaned my biggest lesson to have faith and trust in powers larger than you. God had my back, I just had to trust in him and when I did, he rewarded me with the desires I sought-after. 

TA: What has been your favorite "project," so far? Why? 

KB: My favorite project thus far has to be creative directing Howard Universities Homecoming back in 2016. It was my first big creative direction role and I was nervous. My co-creative director Fred (@ivormerlyknownas) and I had all these big ideas. We had to make sure all of the weeks events had one synonymous theme in addition to having each event stand out on an individual level to create a well-rounded experience. 

TA: What is your dream collaboration? 

KB: Cliché answer — Beyoncé (I just love her work ethic and vision). Non-cliché answer — I would love to work with Virgil Abloh and/or Rihanna (I really just want her style).

TA: When your first direct deposit hit, what did you buy?

KB: Black Balenciaga arena sneakers! 

TA: What do you listen to on your way to work? Music (if so, who?), Podcast? Motivational clips?

KB: I LOVE listening to gospel music in the morning. It really helps me to zen-out for the day and really focus on what I have to do. I will admit on Fridays, I trade my Kirk Franklin for Migos to really get ready for the weekend's festivities ahead. 

TA: If you could steal anyone's musical/artistic/visionary talent, who would it be? Why?

KB: In a past life I was a singer. It's just be crafting of harmonies and musical compositions and builds. So I really would love to have: Brandy, Stanaj or Jazmin Sullivan's vocal talent.

TA: Who are 3 "must-follows" on Instagram? That aid to your day-to-day inspiration/career path. 

KB: @DarionFamous@ivormerlyknownas and @Truce.usa (honestly, love that girl). 

TA: In 3 words, what would you tell your 16-year-old self?


TA: Closing statements? Feel free to say anything! 

KB: Check our my company's site ( or hit me up on IG: here. I love working with other creatives! 

For more of Khalid follow him, here

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