noun || yəNG ˈhefā

Marquel is a fashion designer based in L.A.



YJ: What’s your current hustle?


YJ: Most memorable career advice? 

M: I won't say who but I was told by a well-known idolized creative, "Not to give everybody your gems (ideas)." 

YJ: Has what you’re doing now been a life-long interest?

M: I would say so, I feel like I was fortunate to find what I love at a pretty young age. It think I was about 13-14 years old.

YJ: Where do you find inspiration, when needing it?


M: New York — I think that’s when and where I’m most inspired. The people, the sounds, and my surroundings. 

YJ: If you could tell your younger self one thing about life, what would it be?

M: Be more patient. I feel like I didn’t understand “it” then. Espcially when you find things that you love — you have to be patient with those things. You can’t rush what you love or want them to happen so quickly for something you care about so deeply. 

YJ: What are you still looking to achieve?

M: I’ve done fashion items/launching. But haven't had THAT show yet. Not necessarily a runway show, but I'm looking to show a collection.

In NYC and I’d honestly love to skip NYC and skip it in Paris. Whatever comes. I feel like people back in L.A. would fu*k with it more if I did it in NYC then vice versa.  

YJ: What would you say to someone who may think that their talent is not an ideal career path?


M: One side of me wants to encourage them. One side wants to say “If you don’t believe it, I don’t.” You have to believe you can do something before someone else can. It also depends on the situation. 

 You have to have the will and drive for that — have the drive for your passion.  

YJ: If you could make a bumper sticker what would it be?

M: “I hope you feel beautiful today.” 

YJ: Where do you see design in 10 to 20 years? 

I see it being forward. On one hand, there will still be a batch of people still manipulating old designers/concepts. On the other hand, there will always be forward and fresh designers. 

There’s a lot of designers now that create based off what they see others creating. And there are designers that are thinking ahead. 

@gaod_i  — I'm insprired by people like her — she’s designing for 2025, how doesn’t the world see her! This follower shit doesn’t matter. That shit won’t be on your tomb stone when you die. 

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