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Franklin native Sidnee Douyon, has made her way from the high school television screen to REVOLT TV, Complex, red carpets and more. Her career has taken flights and it's only the beginning, can't wait to see where her incredible hosting skills take her next! 

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Sidnee Douyon

TA: What’s your current hustle?

SD: My current hustle right now is mastering my first shot as a freelance journalist. After making a personal decision to leave corporate media, I've decided to freelance — allowing me more time to travel and pursue the things I love. 

TA: Describe the difference between your 9-5 and your 5-grind? 

SD: Especially when I was working for Forbes and Complex, my 9-5 was more like 9-when there is no more news to report. After that, my grind consisted of pursuing things that were of interest to me, like planning travel and writing/reporting on subjects and topics my 9-5 may have not approved of.  

TA: Who gave you the most memorable career advice? 

SD: I'd have to say my mentor Karen Civil. From my Forbes days, she gave me the best advice to succeed in a (mostly) white male dominated industry and how to navigate through it while still keeping your piece of mind. 

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TA: Has what you’re doing now been a life-long interest? Or was it discovered later?

SD: I've always wanted to work in media or TV since I was a young girl. In high school I co-launched my schools first ever fashion and media publication which was noteworthy because we were a private Catholic school. I was always interested in telling important stories. So while I didn't discover journalism and reporting as a career until college, I knew I wanted to have a voice both on and off camera. 

TA: Has there ever been a time you didn’t think you’d make it to this point in your career? What kept you going?

SD: ABSOLUTELY! There are times even now where I think, how will I make it to the next level? What has kept me going this far is my faith and confidence that I've put in the work to make it this far for a reason. It's literally giving yourself a prep talk whenever you feel down or uneasy about your career. If you know you've worked damn hard, keep doing that and even multiply it as you progress.

TA: What would you tell your younger self about work ethic and what you've learned?

SD: Honestly, I would tell my younger self to learn WHEN to go hard and when NOT to. In the past working in corporate media, I often found myself letting my company run me into the ground. Which, disabled me to allocate equal and honest effort to each of my tasks. Learn to say NO and defend your personal time and space!

TA: What has been your favorite “project,” so far?  

SD: My favorite project would be my most recent interviews with a freelance outlet I work with. I had the chance to interview Hollywood stars which is a tad different from the musical and industry celebrities and artists I usually interview. The stars, like Zac Effron and Priyanka Chopra were amazing and the interview with The Rcck ended up going viral (WATCH here). 

TA: Who are your 3 “must-follows” on Instagram? 

SD: @Tracee Ellis Ross, @Zoe Kravitz and @Rihanna of course :)

TA: In a few words, Describe your friends (inner circle)?

SD: My closest friends are all capital Bs, BOSSES! We all are really grinding and putting in the work in our respective fields, on top of holding high positions of respect in them. We really understand and love eachother's hustle and help support each other — and yes pray for eachother often. 

TA: Closing statements? 

SD: Follow your dreams no matter how hard it gets! Learn from other's stories and experiences. And most of all, stay tuned! 

For more of Sidnee, follow her — here. Or catch her on a TV screen near you!