noun || yəNG ˈhefā

Sunday School is a creative collective based in Toronto. 



YJ: What’s is the mission statement behind your creative collective?

SS: Our mission with Sunday School is to to produce visually compelling and relatable stories that alter the way art is perceived throughout the world. We strongly believe that visual tales are an extremely powerful method of communication dedicated to sharing knowledge, fostering social change and inspiring others to create with ideas of their own. 

YJ: Has working collaboratively been a life-long interest? 

SS: Yes. All members of our team have taken part in projects throughout our lives that have involved working in groups to accomplish a goal. Collaborative work often leads to stronger outcomes. 

YJ: What’s the most memorable career advice you’ve received (individually)? 

SS: I was once told to “begin with the end in mind,” which helped motivate me when conducting projects and/or going through a hard time creatively. — Josef Adamu (Founder/Director)

"Don’t settle for a job you’re not passionate about.” — Ronny Ackah (Production Assistant)


“There’s no harm in starting small.” — Benedict Adu (Photographer) 

YJ: What’s been your biggest obstacle as a collective? 

SS: Communication could be a bit better as team. Also, finding time to execute ideas, meetings, etc. These ideas will all improve in the near future though. 

YJ: If you could each tell your younger self one thing about life, what would it be?

SS: I would emphasize the importance of "looking at the bigger picture.” The idea of seeing things from a larger perspective allows you to be more practical and it also helps with priority planning. 

YJ: Where do you find inspiration as a group, when needing it? 

SS: We often conduct meetings where we share ideas sourced from the internet, film, vintage photography, gallery shows, documentaries, sports, etc. We file these inspirational ideas and attend to them when necessary. 

YJ: What has been the most fulfilling moment as a collective so far? 


SS: The growth. We started a bit slow but it really picked up with more time and dedication being put into each series we’ve released. It has been less than a year, but we’re still very proud of ourselves and that feeling fuels us to do even more. 

YJ: What are you all still looking to achieve?

SS: A ton of things. We hope to work with many more brands worldwide, and make further connections as well. We won’t speak on any specific future plans, though, we do have a lot of interesting ideas to present very soon. 

YJ: What do you see the future holding? 

SS: A dedicated and determined team that offers a variety of creative skill sets. In the near future, we see our group inspiring people globally, and encouraging folks to make their hobbies, their careers. 

For more of Sunday School follow them here.