noun || yəNG ˈhefā

Thomas Falcone is a music photographer currently based in New York City. 




TA: What's your current hustle? 

TF: Traveling, shooting, maintaining a personal life and constantly working as a photographer.

TA: What was your first "big job?" 

TF: I consider everything a “big job”. I try not to take jobs lightly depending who it is, or what it’s for. I love the idea of getting hired to shoot something and making it portfolio worthy for someone to look at and want to hire me again for that image or concept. But I guess my first big “job” was my first “job” as a tour photographer. I was with a rock band called Mayday Parade for a few years and we ended up making a 200 page photography book.

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TA: Has there been an event or place you had to go above and beyond to sneak a camera into? 

TF: This happens all the time. I’m slowly getting used to it… theres a few funny stories about having to break my camera down into multiple pieces (body, lens, flash, batteries, card, etc) and give to some of our crew for award shows and “union” events. I also did it recently a lot at New York Fashion week haha.

TA: What unexpectedly entertaining or beautiful place have you found yourself at and were able to capture some great shots at? 

TF: Since I live right outside NYC, I always find myself loving to shoot lifestyle stuff there. I love LA as well. I haven’t shot much lifestyle stuff there but hope I will soon...


TA: Do you find it better to overthink (plan) or under-think shots? 

TF: Easiest shots for me are not planned, in my opinion. I consider myself a documentary photographer and since I travel with artist so much I don’t really have time to plan their day. I go off of what they’re doing… But if I see something cool and want to do portraits I’ll kindly ask. 

TA: What would be a photo project you'd like to cross off your bucket list? 

TF: I want to do another type of book. I have two books right now, one with Mayday Parade and another with a band called All Time Low. The ATL one I didn’t design and it’s not much of a story line, just random photos which is cool. I guess I just want to put out a “Thomas Falcone” photo book? Maybe not another for a artist, but something of variety for myself….Or do a gallery.

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*The featured images were taken by Thomas.