noun || yəNG ˈhefā

VAKSEEN is a pop-artist and producer located in Los Angeles.



YJ: Whats your current hustle?

V: I’m a museum-exhibited visual artist and a multiplatinum music executive/producer. Oh and job #1: dad. Lol.

YJ: Has what you’re doing now been a life-long interest?

V: Absolutely! I’ve been an artist from birth, so creating is exactly what I’m here for. It’s my purpose.

YJ: When did you realize you could succeed in your (current) respective field?

V: Music, I’d say 15 years ago and art, 6-7 years ago. I’ve spent most of my career making a living from music, so I didn’t really start pursuing art until January 2012. The music biz taught me how to develop, then break artists from the ground up and how to make a living as a creator. That experience has been vital to my success as an independent creator.

YJ: What do you think is unique about your creative process? 

V: From the concept to the process and resulting experience, I’d say everything is unique. My Vanity Pop creations mimic collage or mixed-media, but each piece is meticulously hand-painted to blur the boundaries between perception and reality. This makes for an incredible, engaging experience you MUST see for yourself! People really assume they're viewing a collage and it blows their mind every time!

YJ: How do you "practice" your craft? 

V: Practice, practice, practice...getting those 10k hours in! Creating daily and always working towards growth, evolution and being my best version possible.

YJ: What would you say to someone who may think that their talent is not an ideal career path?


V: Ironically, that’s another reason I pursued art so late in my career; I didn’t see an ideal path. Everything is different now. We live in an entrepreneur age where it’s an incredible time to be a creator, thinker, or innovator. So I’d say trust your gifts and understand that you can’t wait for the world to simply accept you. Create your OWN path! That’s exactly what I’m doing!  

YJ: What’s been your favorite collaborative project thus far? And why? 

V: I’m currently featured in “100% LA”, a collaborative project with SaveArtSpace & Otis College of Art & Design, where they featured 10 LA artists on local billboards throughout the city. Aside from the amazing feeling of having my own #VakseenArt billboard (off Santa Monica & Gower), I love what they’re doing in general with this project to convert commercial spaces into something much more engaging.


YJ: What are you still looking to achieve?

V: WORLD TAKEOVER!!! HA....seriously. I want to see my art in as many homes as possible. I want to reach more museums, galleries and collections. I want to do more capsule series with fashion brands and ultimately develop my own line. I have a LOT planned for the future and you can witness it all for yourself on VakseenArt.com or @Vakseen on IG, Twitter and FB.

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Edited by: Tyler Johnson