noun || yəNG ˈhefā

Vanessa Granda is a photographer originially from Miami.


YJ: What’s your current hustle?

VG: Photographer.

YJ: Has what you’re doing now been a life-long interest?

VG: I've always been into the arts but photography wasn't originally my main focus. It's been a lot of trial and error, I eventually found the median of what I liked and here I am.

YJ: Where do you find inspiration, when needing it?

VG: It changes all the time! I dive into different channels of inspiration: Still life photographs, 80s music videos, graphic book covers, and/or vintage art.

YJ: If you could tell your younger self one thing about life, what would it be?


YJ: What are you still looking to achieve?

VG: A photo on a billboard. Anywhere — It could be in Kansas and I'd be happy. Something larger than life. But on a more melecular level, I'd like to become more mindful of what I'm creating and make everything more me. 

YJ: What do you think is different about your creative process? 

VG: There are so many creative processes and mine is simpler than most. 

Inspriation > Working into that idea or concept > Talking said concept out with the client > Executing 

YJ: What would you say to someone who may think that their talent is not an ideal career path?

VG: Tell that little voice to "FU*CK OFF!"

YJ: If you could make a bumper sticker what would it say? 

VG: "Pussy Power"

YJ: What music do you listen to for motivation? 

VG: Majid Jordan always puts me in a mood to create. Their music videos are amazing as well.

YJ: What’s been your favorite photoshoot so far?

VG: I created this still life series called "Soil and Sole." I put flowers in masculine sneakers and photographed them. For me it bridged the gap between femininity and masculinity, I married the two essentially. It's a big part of who I am as well, I'm from Miami and I love sneakers and flowers and those can co-exist. 

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*The featured images were shot by Vanessa.